MARATHON (CBSMiami) – With all of the recent rain and bad weather we have had recently, it’s no surprise someone captured video of a waterspout off Marathon with quite a unique view.

The waterspout, posted on charter boat captain Jack Carlson’s Instagram account, is one of multiple waterspouts reported over the weekend in the Florida Keys.

It looks like the boat, and the folks on it, are nearly underneath it as it formed over Kemp Channel, according to the National Weather Service.

The NWS says the waterspout was upright, a distinct spray ring was visible, and lasted at least 15 minutes.

Waterspout off Marathon (Source: Instagram/@Twoconchs)

While waterspouts look like tornadoes, they are generally much weaker, last for a short time, and unless they move over land, are only dangerous if they happen to pass over a boat.

Unlike tornadoes, waterspouts usually are not connected with thunderstorms, and can develop from ordinary rain clouds.

They generally form and disappear in a relatively small area.

Despite the appearance of the spout, which looks like it is sucking water from the ocean into the clouds; the watery appearance is caused by condensation in the spout. Nothing is sucked up into the cloud, but where it touches the water, it can cause turbulence that makes waves and can toss boats around.

Boaters are warned to navigate away from heavy rain where the waterspouts may appear.