TAMPA (CBSMiami) – Imagine going to pay a bill online and finding a complete stranger’s information on your account.

Then you realize you’ve been getting charged for that stranger’s activity. Well, Tawny Brown doesn’t have to use her imagination, she’s been living it after finding a strange name listed on her SunPass account.

“I don’t know who this person is, I don’t know how he ended up on my account, I don’t know how we’re getting billed for his toll charges but he’s on my account and so are pictures of his car and his home address and everything else,” she said.

That’s when Brown stopped paying the bills and started filing disputes with the state.

“We’ve just been in limbo and I’ve stopped paying it because we don’t know whether or not the charges that are on there are ours or the other guys’, it’s just been a nightmare,” she said.

SunPass customers can dispute charges in four different ways; online at SunPass.com, over the phone by calling 888-TOLL-FLA, via the SunPass mobile app, or do it in person at any SunPass customer service center.

The biggest thing to remember is to make sure you keep a record.

“One of the things that people can do if they do think that they have a charge that’s not theirs on their account is take down all their information, their invoice number, take a screenshot, take a picture of their invoice, have all that information at their fingertips,” said Florida Turnpike spokeswoman Katie Mitzner.

After that it’s up to the state Department of Transportation to take it from there – something Brown says has been a challenge.

“It’s pretty easy to file the dispute, it’s just getting somebody to look into the problem has been the biggest issue,” she said.