TAMPA (CBSMiami) – A Coast Guard crewman taking part in a routine check of a navigation light in Port Tampa Bay was thrown into the water when a platform collapsed and the entire incident was caught on video by a camera crew from the CBS station in Tampa.

According to 10News, the crewman had climbed to the top of a wooden structure to check the light when the platform he was standing on collapsed sending him plunging into the water.

The other crewmen yell “Man overboard” and help their fellow crewmate back to the boat and to safety.

He was not hurt, just very wet.

The exercise is part of the Coast Guard’s hurricane preparedness because they are the first to respond in checking navigation equipment after a major storm.

Being in the open air all day, every day, and exposed to the elements, the Coast Guard said the incident is why it’s important to conduct routine inspections.