MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A man is facing aggravated battery charges after the Broward Sheriff’s Office said he beat an Uber driver and severed his ear during a recent road-rage incident.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office said Sir Christian Alexander Gordon, 26, of West Park, was involved in a fight with Uber driver Joseph Soriero.

Police said it happened at the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport just before noon on May 22.

It is not clear what may have started the altercation between the two men.

Legal documents indicate Gordon approached Soriero and after Soriero took a swing and missed, Gordon knocked him on the ground with one punch.

Witnesses say Gordon kept punching Soriero while he was on the ground.

Soriero was eventually taken to a local hospital to be treated for multiple injuries, including a damaged ear.

Authorities said his ear had to be reattached.

It is not clear if Soriero is facing any charges.

Gordon was arrested and transported to Broward County’s Main Jail.