WESTON (CBSMiami) – The soccer fields of Weston should be a place where dreams are born.

For one young man who was a member of the Weston FC Soccer Club, a team trip to Columbia became an absolute nightmare.

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That’s because of what allegedly happened to him at the team’s hotel.

“Some of the older kids from his club decided to attack he and his roommates,” said family attorney Andy Yaffa. “His roommates were forced into the room, held down and told to watch while the older kids unfortunately sodomized this young man.”

The attack is detailed in a newly filed lawsuit that read, in part:

“The Perpetrator Defendants carried [the victim] into the hotel room and threw him face down on the bed. Several of the Perpetrator Defendants stood guard while others restrained [the victim] and assaulted and sodomized him.”

“We have heard several stories,” said Yaffa. “This is not new to the club.”

The lawsuit lays blame on the soccer club that organized the trip:

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“At all times material hereto, defendant Weston FC was aware or should have been aware of the risk of hazing, especially of young participants who were vulnerable to assault by the older participants.”

“It is disgusting, it is horrific and it’s an attack that no child and no body should endure,” said Yaffa.

The lawsuit lists the impact on the young soccer player:

“Past and future mental distress, which has manifested itself in physical injuries, including. Headaches, nausea, sleeplessness, debilitating phobias, and ongoing nightmares.”

“We have sued the Weston Football Club in addition to those directly responsible for the attack,” said Yaffa.

Late Monday, Weston FC released a statement that reads:

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“Weston FC has a zero tolerance policy for un-sportsman like behavior, harassment, bullying, intimidation, or violence of any kind; therefore, when we received a report of an incident on a recent international trip, Weston FC immediately suspended all players alleged to have been involved and promptly made a report to the US Center for SafeSport as required by federal law and our National Governing Body.  Weston FC has absolutely no knowledge of any past hazing or sexual misconduct, will continue to support and sympathize with the alleged victim and his family, but will vigorously defend this unwarranted action against the Club.“