MIAMI (CBSMiami) –  A grandfather’s quick thinking saved his 13-year-old grandson’s life on Sunday night.

At around 8:30 p.m., John Lasry said he heard his grandson’s friends screaming for his help.

“The kids came screaming, they said Benjamin, one of my grandsons, that he’s drowning, he cannot breathe. So, I ran out,” said Lasry.

John Lasry (CBS4Miami)

Benjamin and his friends were on the beach in the back of Lasry’s home on Golden Beach digging a hole, when it caved in and trapped Benjamin.

That’s when Lasry sprung into action.

“We dug and dug and I didn’t know where my grandson was and finally, we could feel his back and his head and continue digging and he could stand up,” Lasry said.

Once Lasry got his grandson out up to his waist, he let the fire department do the rest.

After this experience, Lasry said he has a message for parents.

“The parents, be very tough with your kids,” Lasry said.

The close-call took a toll on Lasry.

“That’s the first time I collapsed after I get them out, I break down, I cried yes,” he said.

But Lasry said he’s still having his grandson come back and fill in the hole to teach him to never allow this to happen again.