ORMOND BEACH (CBSMiami) — A Florida day care worker is facing child abuse charges after being caught on security video hitting, slapping and shaking children during nap time.

Katherine Weitz, 65, was arrested Monday and charged with three felony counts of child abuse for treating children roughly during nap time at the Dream City Academy in Ormand Beach.

Police say the video shows some of the children were restless and she repeatedly used force to make the children behave.

“She would pick one up and violently shake them, she did this to several of the children. Take them by the back of the head and force their head down into the cot,” explained Keith Walker from the Ormond Beach Police Department.

An affidavit says the office manager Yolanda Tomlinson checked a security video in a classroom for 1-year-olds after a child was crying. She saw Weitz treating a child roughly.

“She would take them by their wrists and their ankles and flip them over facing in the opposite direction so they wouldn’t be facing another child,” said Walker.

She was fired the day of the alleged abuse, then following an investigation, arrested on a warrant this week.

Police say Weitz told investigators she felt sick, should never gave gone to work and lost her temper.

Authorities say none of the children suffered any permanent injuries.

Weitz is now facing three counts of child abuse charges but police say more charges may be filed.