MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Tipping can be tricky.

Do you tip on a to-go order or at a fast food window? How much do you tip a driver or your grocery delivery person?

What about tipping for more hands-on services like pedicures and massages?

Some people default to 20 percent all the time, but financial gurus say that’s not always necessary.


Today’s ‘Lauren’s List’ has some tips on who to tip and how much.

  1. Food- When you’re eating at a restaurant, 20 percent tip is fairly standard. Feel free to increase it for excellent service. Etiquette experts at the Emily Post Institute say take-out tipping is not obligatory, but you should add 10 percent for curbside or for large, complicated orders. A delivery driver should get a 10 to 15 percent tip, but if the weather is particularly nasty, 20 percent is preferred.
  2. Hotels- If you’ve cruised before, you know gratuity is either added up front, or you can fill envelopes provided by the cruise line before the end of your voyage. But at hotels, tips are not usually automatically added to your bill. The suggested amount is $2 to $5 per night, but be sure to leave a note so the housekeeper knows it’s for them. Give the bellhop $1 to $2 per bag and an extra couple of bucks for room delivery.
  3. Transportation- When you were just hailing a cab, tipping was fairly simple. Tip 15 to 20 percent of your fare and add a few extra dollars if they’re helping you with bags. But then came Uber and Lyft, and at first, Uber didn’t even offer a tipping option in the app. Now, it’s recommended that you tip 10 to 20 percent for each Uber or Lyft ride depending on the service, as some ride share drivers offer extras like water bottles and phone chargers for your convenience.
  4. Salon- If you’re planning a relaxing day at the salon or spa, make sure you’ve included the tip in your budget because they can get pricey! Financial and etiquette experts say hair stylists and barbers should get 20 percent and manicurists should get at least 15 percent. Add 20 to 25 percent tip for massages, facials or waxing, depending on the type of spa you’re visiting.

Are you a good tipper?

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