LITTLE HAVANA – A Miami man was hospitalized early Sunday morning after a fire broke out inside his Little Havana apartment.

Miami Fire Rescue responded to the fire at 1140 NW 4th Street just after 5:30 a.m.

There was heavy fire coming from the rear first floor apartment of the two story building when firefighters arrived, according to Miami Fire Rescue Capt. Ignatius Carroll.

Damage from a fire inside a Little Havana apartment. (CBS4)

Fire crews quickly controlled the fire while paramedics checked out the evacuated residents including the parents of Karla Franco who live in the front of the building.

“I was asleep. I found out because my boyfriend and his cousin started making a commotion about it so then I wake up and I think they are lying but I opened the blind a little and I actually saw the fire,” said Karla who lives just across the street from her parents, and the fire.

Karla says her parents were not hurt and their apartment was not damaged.

The same cannot be said for the rear apartment where the resident woke up to his living room engulfed in flames. As the fire spread, his only escape was through a small window. He attempted to put out the fire but was forced to retreat by thick smoke. He was treated and transported to the hospital for smoke inhalation, according to Capt. Carroll.

The fire was confined to one unit but significant smoke spread and radiated heat damage resulted in 11 people, adults and children to be temporarily displaced.

Red Cross assistance was denied by all the residents and the owner was on scene. The cause of the fire is under investigation.