FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – A gunman who shot two men inside the Blue Martini lounge at the Galleria Mall earlier this month is a retired DEA agent, according to Fort Lauderdale police.

The shooting happened Wednesday, May 8th, shortly before midnight.

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Andre Clark, 52, reportedly shot two men after getting into argument in the packed club.

Arnold Person, 43, was killed. Person who would have celebrated his 44th birthday the following day.

His brother-in-law, Andrew Cooks, was injured and taken to the hospital. He’s since been released.

“All we know is, it was a bump, it wasn’t major and here we go, now we have a shooting by a former DEA officer that is trained to de-escalate. That’s unacceptable,” said Person’s brother Anthony.

“I’m out there like here we go again. Here we go again. Here we go again. I love the officers because they are here to serve and protect the communities but I don’t like when you are given certain power and it’s abused. I think you should use your power for what it is, to serve and protect,” said Cook’s sister Natasha.

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Clark has not been charged. Fort Lauderdale police say they are waiting for a statement from him so they can wrap up their investigation and send the findings to the State Attorney’s Office who will determine if charges will be filed.

Relatives tell us Person was a family man who doesn’t drink and went to the Blue Martini that night after leaving bible study.

The family was there celebrating the life of another relatives who recently died. Person’s mom says he was a big guy, but not aggressive.

“He’s really a big teddy bear,” said Sarah, Pearson’s mother. “You would have been intimidated by him cuz he is big, he was a linebacker, played football. But he is a mush, to be honest with you.”

Clark’s Attorney Jeffrey Neiman released a statement regarding the shooting:

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“When the dust settles, it will be clear that Andre was not the aggressor and that he acted in self-defense.”