BOYNTON BEACH (CBSMiami)- A close-call for a Florida Highway Patrol trooper who was nearly hit by a hydroplaning car on SB I-95 in Boynton Beach on May 13.

FHP Trooper Jeremy Medastin

According to FHP, Trooper Jeremy Medastin was walking back to his patrol car to get started on paperwork for another crash he was investigating, when his vehicle’s dashboard camera captured the heart pounding moments of a car losing control and smashing into the barrier wall on the inside shoulder of the highway.

Medastin jumped up the wall that divides the northbound and south lanes before the car could crush him.

It happened just south of Woolbright Road.

Watch the dashboard camera video here:


“I think if it weren’t for his quick reaction on the wall, his injuries would have been a lot worse,” said FHP spokesman, Lt. Alvaro Feola.

Feola said the 30-year-old Medastin has been with FHP less than a year, but in this case he apparently had the life-saving instincts of a veteran.

“It was raining just before 6 p.m. and the vehicle that was hydroplaning lost control. Fortunately, our trooper was able to see the car that was heading for him and he jumped up on the wall. He was able to do this and avoid a serious catastrophe,” said Feola. “Obviously, with our men and women in law enforcement this shows how quickly things can happen. Every day our men and women are out there protecting and saving lives and things happen quickly. Fortunately, our trooper is okay.”

Rainy weather conditions resulted in the driver, 18-year-old Ian James Carr, losing control of his Toyota Prius.

But an FHP report also said the tires on Carr’s Prius were worn down.

“What we want to tell people is that when it is raining and the conditions are wet, make sure you keep your distance and check out your tires,” said Feola.

CBS4’s Peter D’Oench stopped by Carr’s apartment in Boca Raton.

Carr’s mother said he was not available and when she was asked if CBS4 could speak with him, she said “Absolutely not.”

Carr was cited for driving too fast for conditions.

Medastin suffered some ligament issues, but no life-threatening injuries, FHP said.

He was taken to a nearby hospital to be checked out. It was initially believed he might have had a broken ankle but Feola said, “He has no broken bones.”

Medastin is now home recovering.

He told CBS4 he did not want to say anything right now.

Feola said Medastin could be out of work a few weeks and it was possible that he would be speaking to the media on Friday in Lantana, a town in Palm Beach County.

The accident was a reminder of another accident last December on I-95 near Hobe Sound, north of West Palm Beach.

It started when FHP said a work van ran in to the back of a black Audi and those cars careened towards FHP officer Mithil Patel and another man. Dash cam video showed what happened when Patel pushed the man to the side out of harm’s way. Patel was struck and knocked in to the air and seriously injured.

His actions may have saved the man’s life.

Peter D'Oench