BUNNELL, Fla. (CBSMiami/CNN) – A Florida man is under arrest after proudly showing off his marijuana plant to police and even inviting them to ‘smoke a bowl’ with him.

It happened in the town of Bunnell, on the east coast of Florida between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach.

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Deputies say Arthur Carracino was wearing a blue speedy, a button down shirt and smoking pot when they arrived to check out another incident, and he called them over in order to show them his 2-foot-tall marijuana plant on his property.

The whole scene was recorded the police body-cam of a Flagler County Sheriff’s officer.

On the video, the officer asks Carracino, “Do you have a marijuana card?”

He replies, “Oh. Yeah. Yeah I do. I’m working on it. [LAUGHTER] I have the card [BLEEP] Come on guys, let’s talk.”

The officer asks, “Is that your plant?”

Carracino: “Yeah.”

Officer: “Did you grow it? What did you give it, water? Miracle Grow?”

Carracino: “I thought it was gonna be easy going out to California and learning how to grow pot. The indica strain, the sativa strain … and oh boy, you’re looking right as the smallest crystals. [unclear] you gotta smoke a bowl with me please.”

Officer: “Like … I can’t.”

Carracino: “I know, you’re on duty.”


As Carracino walks away, the officer asks, “Where are you going?”

Carracino: “Off to get my pipe.


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Officer: “You know what’s going on right now?”

Carracino: “Yes.”

Officer: “What’s going on right now?”

Carracino: “It’s morning not afternoon. Two o’clock in the [BLEEP] morning.”

Officer: “It’s about 2:45 in the morning now.”

Carracino: “OK I need a cup of Starbucks. Anywhere local we can get one?”

Officer: “We can’t unfortunately. All right? But you are – no, stay out dog – you are being placed under arrest.”

Carracino: “For?”

Officer: “For growing marijuana. OK?”

Carracino: “Oh yeah.”

Officer: “That’s that’s against the law in Florida.”

Carracino: “Yeah.”

Officer: “OK.”

While smoking medical marijuana in Florida is legal, growing marijuana on one’s property is not.

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