By Lauren Pastrana

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Most of us have been there before. It’s nowhere near the end of the day, but your phone is already flashing less than 10 percent battery.

Of course, we’re draining our phone’s juice simply by making phone calls, texting and checking emails, but throw in social media, streaming shows and movies, and we there’s no way the battery will last all day.

Today’s “Lauren’s List” breaks down a few other things we do to our phones that suck the battery life right out of it.

If you’ve ever had your phone out at the beach, you may have gotten an alert saying the phone was just too hot to use. Experts say excess heat can cause everything from data loss and corruption to battery leakage. And it doesn’t even need to be that hot. Simply sleeping with your phone on your bed or under your pillow can cause shorten battery life, because of your body heat. Plus, it’s a fire hazard. Don’t sleep with the phone in bed.

One of the first things I do when my phone battery is dying is turn my brightness all the way down. Now that screens are so large, keeping them bright sucks up a lot of battery. If you don’t want to bother with adjusting the brightness throughout the day, turn on adaptive brightness in the display menu and your phone will automatically adjust the screen to match your environment.

Certain apps need certain permissions to function properly. FaceTime needs your camera and microphone to work and ride-sharing services need your location. But Andrew Moore-Crispin with Ting Mobile says you should go through your apps and revoke permissions that aren’t necessary. Otherwise, all those applications are working in the background on things they don’t actually need.

This may not seem like much, but that little vibration means extra work for your phone’s battery. And if you have vibrations set for every single notification, that’s a lot buzzing burning that battery life. Use the vibrate function only when necessary.

How do you conserve battery on your phone?

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