MIAMI (CBSMiami) — City of Miami Police arrested a man who was locked inside a Valero gas station after he was accused of stealing beer early Saturday morning.

Police said it happened at around 5:50 a.m. at the Valero Station on Northwest 79th Street and 5th Court.

The man who was identified by police as Santos Gaiter, 33, listed as homeless, is accused of stealing two twelve packs of beer, valued at over $37.

Police said Gaiter returned to the gas station a short time after taking the first two packs of beer and attempted to steal two more.


That is when clerk Arlynx Bruno took matters into his own hands and locked Gaiter inside the store and then called police.

Bruno said Gaiter had tried stealing from the gas station in the past.

“Last week, he come to steal beer and broke the door and he went out and I call police, but police can’t find them,” said Bruno.

Video captured Gaiter kicking in the front door and then trying to pry it open with his hands and even with a beer bottle.

Bruno said, “I locked him inside and then he tried to break the left door, the right door, the left door, the right door. He then said, ‘Oh guy, you got me today.’”

City of Miami Fire Rescue transported Gaiter to Jackson Memorial after the incident. Gaiter had told authorities he was not feeling well, according to the arrest report.

Gaiter was checked out at the hospital and subsequently arrested.