FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – The mother of a teen who was pepper sprayed, forced to the ground and had his head slammed into the pavement by two Broward sheriff’s deputies said she is depressed said she’s shocked and saddened about what happened.

“I felt depressed and I was stunned because it’s my child and sometimes when you think its other people only you think okay but when you really feel the pain knowing that you carried that child and especially being a single mother raising a child like that and knowing you want the best, and looking at somebody who is supposed to protect your child hurt your child, it’s like I didn’t even eat yet just in depression and like what’s going on,” said Clintina Rolle.

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The teen, 15-year-old DeLucca “Lucca” Rolle, and his mother spoke with CBS News two days after Broward prosecutors said he would not face any charges.

The teen’s attorney, Benjamin Crump, is demanding action and Tamarac city leaders are demanding answers from Sheriff Gregory Tony. The two deputies seen in videos of the arrest, which have gone viral, have been suspended.

“It was child abuse and they should be prosecuted,” said commissioner Marlon Bolton.

The two deputies seen in the video of the arrest, which has gone viral, have been suspended.

“They need to be fired and they need to be criminally charged,” Broward Mayor Mark Bogen said.

Mayor Bogen is outraged at the video.

He’s been active on social media saying law enforcement officers who abuse their power must be fired.

He also referenced a video that emerged this week—showing a BSO deputy punching a suspect in the face while he’s handcuffed to a hospital bed. He’s calling for a criminal investigation on that case too.

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“The state attorney to open up a criminal investigation we need to send a message to lawn force meant that this will not be tolerated,” said Bogen.

During a Tamarac commission meeting on Wednesday, Gregory said that he would not jump ahead of the standard protocols for providing due process for the deputies involved.

“I’ve had a chance to witness a lot of different demands about how we need to respond immediately. I’ve responded immediately. We have already started an internal affairs investigation, we are working with the State Attorney ensuring that the criminal charges were suitable, to make sure that the deputies responded in compliance with our policies for the use of force, and so as we continue to work this investigation things may change as they did yesterday. The deputies who were involved went from being on restricted duty to being suspended now,” he said.

Tony said there may be other disciplinary action to come but that would be determined by the findings of their internal affairs investigation and not the court of public opinion.

“For everybody to say just go head out and execute the public opinion’s needs is not going to happen on my watch. I owe it to the deputies, whether they were wrong or not, to ensure that they get their due process elements that are articulated by law, not by an opinion, not by someone’s independent expectation,” he said.

Tony said it’s very easy for people to demand that the sheriff’s office fire the deputies. He said a lot of elected officials have jumped ahead and he thinks that’s inflammatory.

“I also have the responsibility to make sure that we don’t get 50 more kids out in the community picketing and rioting and feeling as though their chief law enforcement officer is not sympathetic to their needs, not sympathetic to their concerns,” he said.

Tony told the commission he was appointed sheriff for accountability, to take leadership and lead the department forward by being objective, fair, and holding all employees to the same standard.

“I have respect for the police but something has to be done about aggressive behavior toward black people,” said activist Mark Johnson.

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The NAACP plans to weigh in on the controversial arrest at a news conference on Thursday.