By Carey Codd

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – It’s been six days since video exploded on social media showing Broward Sheriff’s deputies pepper spraying a teen, taking him to the ground and slamming his head into the pavement and the critical developments, in this case, keep emerging.

Late Tuesday, BSO announced that the deputies involved in this incident, Sgt. Gregory LaCerra and Deputy Christopher Krickovich, are now suspended, which means they will not be patrolling the streets.

The deputies were on administrative assignment with pay.


That development came less than two hours after Broward prosecutors announced that they would not file criminal charges against the teen arrested in this video. That decision came hours after the teen, his mother, aunt, and attorney met with prosecutors.

The teen appeared physically fine but with a small mark on his forehead.

“Not filing charges against Lucca is the right thing to do,” said Sue-Ann Robinson, part of the team of attorneys for the teen and his family along with noted civil rights lawyer Benjamin Crump. Robinson described the family’s reaction when they heard that the teen would not be charged.

“(They said) God is good. That’s a blessing,” she said.

Supporters of the teen say the video shows he did nothing wrong when he stopped to pick up a cellphone dropped by another teen who was arrested by BSO in Tamarac last week.

BSO’s official report says the teen bladed his body and clenched his fists prior to being pepper sprayed. However, at no point on that video that was released does the teen appear to fight back against the deputies.

We’re also learning new details about the deputies.

The deputy doing the pepper spraying and pushing the teen to the ground is Sgt. Lacerra. BSO records show he’s been with the agency for 19 years and earned high marks in his latest review. He was “recognized on several occasions for his leadership during high profile incidents.”



The other deputy, Christopher Krickovich, was seen restraining the teen and pushing his head into the ground.

Records show he has spent nearly 7 years with BSO. He also earned high marks in his most recent review. BSO records show “he strives for excellence at every opportunity” and “earned the respect and admiration of his co-workers.”

The union representing the deputies says they are standing by the men and that they responded in the way their training instructed them to.

Attorney Robinson says the family is now focused on the deputies. They believe they should be criminally charged with child abuse.

“Lucca is a child,” she said. “He’s 15 years old. He’s an 8th grader. This is going to leave an indelible mark for the rest of his life.”

There will likely be more developments on Wednesday. The mayor of Tamarac asked Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony to come to the city’s commission meeting tomorrow and answer some questions about what we see on the video.