PARRISH (CBSMiami/AP) — A road rage incident on Florida’s west coast has left one man dead.

Authorities say the driver who shot and killed the other driver was acting in self-defense.

Manatee County Sheriff’s Office said in a Sunday press release the shooter was a victim of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon prior to firing his gun.

News outlets say a 26-year-old man was run off the road by a 32-year-old driver while traveling a road in Parrish, Florida, south of Tampa.

The men got out of their vehicles and began arguing. Deputies say the younger man pulled out a pistol and pointed  it to the 32-year-old man, who then brandished his own firearm and shot the 26-year-old man dead.

The sheriff’s office is withholding the men’s names citing a provision in the “Marsy’s Law” amendment for victims’ privacy approved in November.

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  1. Liza Null says:

    Well I hope that was worth it.

    My brother was murdered in a road-rage incident, and his killer got a 25-year sentence.

    So was it worth it, running other drivers off the road and then shooting them? Get ready for your new cellmate.