MIAMI SPRINGS (CBSMiami) – Dispatch calls have been released one day after firefighters rescued a woman from an SUV dangling from the second floor of a parking garage in Miami Springs.

“Where exactly did the vehicle fall from?,” asked dispatch. “It’s on the second floor Lt. There’s somebody in the vehicle, we need fire,” said one first responder.

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These are the dispatch calls as the Miami-Dade Fire Department technical rescue team responded to the scene at 700 South Royal Poinciana Blvd. where an SUV was dangling, hanging over the side of a parking garage.

Woman in SUV hits gas instead of brake and nearly goes over the edge in a Miami Springs parking garage. (Courtesy: Luis Otero)

Inside the SUV, a woman was trapped after the vehicle busted through steel cables anchored to the walls.

“They’re in the garage. The vehicle is literally hanging from the edge,” said the first responder over the radio.

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“It’s stuck on the ledge so it’s pretty secure. I don’t think it’ll fall,” said a rescuer. “If you can communicate with her tell her to put her seat belt on. If it falls, she’ll be safer that way.”

Rescuers plotted for nearly an hour trying to figure out how to maneuver to get the woman to safety and keep the vehicle from plunging.

The SUV was wedged in between the roof and floor, hanging on by a few inches of metal on the hatch top, said firefighters.

Suddenly there were cheers of relief as they pulled her to safety unharmed.

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The woman was okay and the SUV was secure. The driver did not want to speak to reporters but told authorities that when attempting to back out of her parking spot, she hit the gas instead of the brake causing the vehicle to lunge forward into the garage safety barriers.