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MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) – It’s the ultimate in immersive art.

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An exhibit called XYZT Abstract Landscape is now on display at the new permanent art space known as Artechouse on Miami Beach. The exhibit was created by famed French digital artists Adrien M & Claire B, providing exploratory physical experience through 10 interactive virtual environments generated using math and physics models with light.

“XYZT is an exploration in four dimensions. It’s an interactive and immersive experience through digital arts, its all about what we find in nature but digitized in a more abstract way,” said Tati, the founder of Artechouse.

Artechouse is not a traditional art museum. The focus there is all about technology.

“We’re trying to profile artists who use technology, which is so relevant in today’s world. We use technology on an everyday basis but these are artists and creatives tell their stories through technology. It’s all about inspiring new generations that can be created with technology,” Tati explained.

Each installation is a technological world if it’s own. Like the body shifting piece that’s all about time.

“This is the icebreaker piece, it allows you to control time, control time with our movements,” Tati said.

“You just can’t step away from that thing. I’ll be here all day,” joked CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo as she interacted with the exhibit.

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Guests use their own movement and gestures to interact with light in a series of digital landscapes inspired by nature. In another installation, the light reacts to footsteps on the floor as if one is strolling through a grassy meadow.

“Shifting Clouds” uses light particles that imitate birds flocking together with real sound, motion sensors read your body and the light particles take the form.

“The Cube,” where guests go inside a cube-like structure made up of light, represents three different landscapes; weather, letters, and dots. Its’ a performance piece.

“Here every visitor is able to create their own interaction with it, or their own dance performance with the cube,” Tati said.

There’s a kinetic sandbox that resembles a high tech “Etch-a-Sketch” in the most calming, or should we say meditative ways.

Blowing air into glass boxes allows us to witness virtual letters assemble and disassemble in the air.

The world traveled interactive exhibition, that has received critical acclaim, will open your mind and your body to a whole new world at an art museum.

The XYZT Abstract Landscape exhibit is on at Artechouse Miami Beach now through Labor Day.

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