(CBS Local)– Asia Kate Dillon never expected to be in the position that they are in.

Dillon identifies as non-binary and they play a non-binary character on “Billions” named Taylor Mason. Taylor goes from being an intern at Axe Capital to one of the most important people in the hedge fund world. There has never been a character like this on television and Dillon is honored that they can impact a generation of people with this groundbreaking character.

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“It’s really humbling. I’m really proud to be playing the character of Taylor. If they had been on television when I was younger, it would have changed my life,” said Dillon in an interview with CBS Local. “I’ve heard from people of all ages from all over the world. Art affecting real change is the goal of any art I’m making.”

Billions” returns to Showtime for season four on Sunday. Dillon’s character Mason will have prominent role in the season and they have come a long way since season two.

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“When we first meet Taylor in season two, I think it’s clear they are not using machismo or bravado to get ahead,” said Dillon. “They are doing their job better than anyone else. It’s one of the great things about getting to play Taylor. They are a fully fleshed out, multi-dimensional character that is integral to the plot. As an actor, that opportunity is a dream.”

Dillon is no stranger to being on a show that becomes culturally relevant. They played Brandy in a few episodes of “Orange Is The New Black.” The character Dillon played was the polar opposite of who they are in real life.

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“Orange Is The New Black was the first show where I had a recurring role,” said Dillon. “I didn’t know how many episodes I’d be used for, but I knew it would be more than one. In that sense, it was different. This character I played, who is a self-identified Nazi white supremacist, it is the most opposite role I could think of.”