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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The Falcon 9 rocket lifted both its crew dragon capsule and hopes that made-in-America space travel is back.

Ten minutes after a picture perfect launch, the SpaceX rocket’s first stage successfully touched down on a recovery ship 300 miles off the Florida coast.

It was far, but not out of sight.

A photo was taken by a CBS4 viewer from Parkland, which can be seen in the above video. The arching colors of the rocket were defined in the morning sky.

By then, the Crew Dragon was already orbiting earth at five miles per second and headed for a docking with the international space station Sunday morning.

SpaceX founder Elon Musk said, “To be frank, I’m a little emotionally exhausted. That was super stressful, but it worked. So far.”

Through next Friday, the Crew Dragon must meet a series of milestones.

It just first disconnect and undock from the space station, re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere, and lastly, splash back down off the Florida coast.

If all goes well, SpaceX could taxi two astronauts as early as this summer.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said, “What today really represents is a new era in space flights.”

On this mission, the only passenger is a dummy, a smart dummy named Ripley.

He is outfitted with sensors to measure the impact of the ride for its eventual first flyers.

It’s a six day mission in the Crew Dragon is scheduled to splash back down to earth next Friday morning.

  1. What a waste of money, how far behind spacex and nasa are, unreal. On the 11th September 2004 we were visited by E/T they left a trail in Archives all around the world. Galactic travel, New free Energy. What are we saying here? If this craft came back tomorrow, you still would not be able to detect it? That’s how far you are behind. Your messing about with rocket’s like a bunch of kids. You can’t find this in Archives? was visible for over 8 minutes, broad daylight. Archives all around the world would have distortions of some kind? Just re-enact them. Most of what we saw can be found on UFOCHRONICLES. What you see below is the size of the craft.