By Peter D'Oench

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LIBERTY CITY (CBSMiami) – Relatives identified the woman hit and killed during a police chase in Liberty City Sunday.

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Lee Lafleur-Greene told CBS 4 News her mother, 50-year-old Noelle Lazure was killed after leaving a funeral.

Investigators said the victim was struck and killed by a car being chased by Miami police.

“I’m just so angry. I’m sad. I’m confused,” Lafleur-Greene said.

The 22-year-old said she learned about her mother’s death from the victim’s friend who also attended the funeral.

“My heart just sank because I knew something bad had happened,” the victim’s daughter said.

She just spoke to her mother hours before, since the live in different states now.

“We used to talk every weekend and just catch up. Mother-daughter conversations,” Lafleur-Greene said.

The wild chase started when officers spotted two men and two teens wanted for an overnight armed-carjacking and another armed-robbery in Allapatah.

When the officers tried to pull the maroon Hyundai Elantra over, the driver took off. Investigators have not identified which suspect was behind the wheel.

“Whatever they were trying to accomplish by stealing a car and whatever they were up to, it’s not worth the life an innocent person,” Lafleur-Greene said.

Police say the driver ran a stop sign at 17th Avenue and 58th Street and hit the woman.

“She was there to pay respects to a family or a friend when she was tragically struck by these animals who were robbing people,” said Miami police Officer Michael Vega.

Scott Newell, who was sitting outside when the accident occurred, said the woman was thrown over a fence and landed in someone’s yard.

“I heard the brakes squeaking then I heard the impact a few seconds later, boom,” he said.

He also saw cars smash into each other seconds later. Police said one of those cars was being driven by an off-duty officer.

“The maroon car hit the pole, the pole hit the white car that’s parked there, so a chain reaction,” he said. “Once the car flipped over maybe five, six police officers came around. They had their shields up, one guy hollered ‘gun, gun’, apparently there was a gun in the car.

Loraine Hibbert showed CB4’s Peter D’Oench where the woman lost her life after leaving the Range funeral home, where debris from this horrific accident still litters the ground.

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“I don’t think it was fair for someone to lose their life like that. You have no business doing something like,” Hibbert said.

Miami police say 18-year-old Renard Jimmy Bonham Junior was one of four males spotted at Liberty Square who were wanted for an armed carjacking and an armed robbery this past weekend.

Police say they tried to stop their red Hyundai Elantra but they fled, were hit by another vehicle, hit 3 other cars, a light pole and struck and killed the pedestrian.

“I feel bad. This lady is gone. I feel bad for her family. They are the ones who will have to deal with this after everything,” Hibbert said.

“I heard the crash and it was like bomb. Parts flying all over,” said Rosa Rodriguez Newell

Newell’s husband Scott saw the car hit the woman.

“The person flew over the fence and then the maroon car hit the pole, the pole hit the white car parked there so a chain reaction,” Scott Newell said.

“Obviously the driver of the vehicle had a total disregard for anyone’s life by fleeing police. Not only did they cause the accident but they took another person’s life,” said Miami Police Commander Freddie Cruz.

Three officers were also hurt.

“The officers were hurt trying to get the subjects out of the vehicle. They were cut,” said Cruz.

Police say they also found one weapon near the suspect’s vehicle and two weapons inside it.

“The message here is obviously we are going to do our job and uphold the law and apprehend criminals. If anyone is involved in a crime they are going to get caught at the end of the day. This was a horrific scene with a woman losing her life,” added Cruz.

So far that woman has not been identified as police are trying to reach her next of kin.

Right now all of the suspects face robbery and weapons charges.

Miami police expect to file additional charges against the driver of the car that could include vehicular homicide.

Police identified two of the adult suspects, Renard Jimmy Bonham Jr., 18 and Theron Lawton who is also 18. The two juveniles are 15 and 16.

Those juveniles came before a judge at the Miami-Dade County Children’s Courthouse late Monday afternoon.

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The judge scheduled a probable cause hearing for Tuesday morning that should determine if they will be held in secure detention or under house arrest. The state expects to eventually charge those juveniles as adults.

Peter D'Oench