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DAVIE (CBSMiami) – Three people are in custody after Davie police said they kidnapped a man at gunpoint and kept him captive in a mobile home where they demanded money.

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It began last Sunday around 9 p.m. at 13000 State Road 84. A man was stopped at a stop sign when a man stepped in front of his truck and a woman, later identified as 34-year-old Natalie Williams, approached the front passenger side window and asked if he would give them a ride.

When the man refused, Williams reportedly put her hand in the window and tried to open the door while her friend walked to the passenger door on the driver’s side.

The man relented and both Williams and the man got in the truck.

“Originally she asked for a ride, he refused to give her a ride, however one of the other male subjects was standing in front of the car preventing him from driving away,” said Sgt. Mark Leone with Davie Police. “As this was happening she was unlocking the car, letting herself into the car.”

After giving the man directions as to where they wanted to go, the man noticed that Williams had a gun which she loaded in front of him.

“She had a gun with her, she pointed the gun at him, told him to drive her to this location, this trailer where they held him,” said Leone. “They put a blindfold on him, tied him to a chair and left him tied up and beaten for over 12 hours.”

Natalie Williams (Source: Davie Police)

When they arrived at a mobile home in the Western Hills Mobile Home Park at 13000 SW 5th Court, Williams told him to back his truck into the driveway.

When the man did so, Williams friend in the backseat blindfolded the man with a bandana and took him inside the mobile home.

Once inside, they took off the blindfold and tied the man’s hands behind his back. The man would later tell police there were six men in the mobile home along with Williams.

The man said the six men then began to take turns punching him in the face, neck, head, stomach, and back.

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The man told the police that Williams said several times that they should kill him because he had seen too much.

They then demanded his bank ATM PIN number, saying if he didn’t give it to them they would indeed kill him. He gave them the number and Williams and one of the men left with the man’s debit card and truck keys.

The man said they also stole the nearly $1,400 in cash he had in his pockets.

Police said the man was kept tied up and beaten in a mobile home for about 12 hours. The next day, they released him and warned him that they would kill him if he called the police.

They also mentioned that since he was an undocumented alien, if he went to the police he would be deported. Williams also threatened that if the man went to the police she would tell them he raped her.

“They had told him that if he contacted the police she’d make these allegations of rape,” Leone said. “He told us that. We believe those allegations are false because she was not able to put any logical story together of this alleged rape.”

The man drove to a health clinic where he received stitches for cuts to his temple area and eyebrow. The police were notified.

Investigators took the man to the mobile home park where he pointed out the home where he was held. A records check showed that Natalie Williams had lived there in the past.

A search warrant was served on the mobile home and Williams, along with two men identified as Joshua Reiff and Andrea Rafael, was taken into custody.

Williams was charged with armed robbery, kidnapping, and aggravated battery.

Police believe Williams and company targeted undocumented immigrants to rob because they would be less likely to report the crime to the authorities.

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They also believe there are more victims out there that have not come forward.