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FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – President Donald Trump’s longtime confidant Roger Stone will be flying to Washington DC Monday afternoon for his arraignment Tuesday in federal court.

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CBS4 News was outside his Las Olas Isles home Monday morning where talked to reporters on a variety of issues. In addition to proclaiming his innocence once again, Stone said he hasn’t talked to President Trump in over a year and has no intention of testifying against the President.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office accuses Stone of contacting the Trump campaign with information about WikiLeaks future releases of Democratic Party emails taken by Russian hackers. Prosecutors allege that senior Trump campaign officials sought to leverage the stolen material into a White House victory. Conservative author and conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi has already said he’s willing to testify against Stone.

Stone says Corsi is lying.

“Jeromi Corsi has already born false witness against me. Unfortunately for him I have email messages, text messages and metadata that proves he would be lying,” said Stone to CBS4 News Monday. “Dr. Corsi claims falsely that a memo he wrote me was part of a cover story. That is a demonstrative lie. I can prove it. He claims I knew about the Billy Bush tape in advance. That is also a lie, but you notice that none of these things are said in the indictment. I don’t know why Dr. Corsi has been induced to do these things. Perhaps he’s trying to cut a deal for himself.”

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Stone was asked about the Netflix documentary that bears his name, “Get Me Roger Stone.”

“I am someone who fights for what he believes in, who has supported candidates, men and women who stand what I stand for and that politics is a noble profession. Not everybody is as corrupt as the Clinton’s in their ilk and should not be shied away from a career in public service if that’s what they are attracted to. The key thing is to fight for what you believe in and not be cowed by the fake news media.”



He went on to talk about the coverage of his indictment.

“The coverage of my indictment in the New York Times is the single most biased, slanted, inaccurate, untruthful pack of disinformation I have seen. They made no effort whatsoever to contact me or my lawyers for our side of the story. They believe anything the government says even though it hasn’t been yet tried in a court of law. The Washington Post is not far behind.”

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However, he added he doesn’t believe everyone in in the news media is corrupt.

“Not everyone in the news media reports fake news, some do and some don’t, but not everything in the media can be considered accurate.”

He reiterated again how unhappy he was about Friday morning pre-dawn FBI raid on his home and how he feels it should have been handled differently.

“I’m 66 years old. I do not own a gun. I do not have a valid passport. I have no prior criminal record. I am charged with non-violent processed crimes. To storm my house with greater force than was used to take down Bin Laden or El Chapo or Pablo Escobar, to terrorize my wife and my dogs is unconscionable. I would have been more than happy, they knew I was represented had they contacted my attorneys, I would have voluntarily turned myself in. I would have been able to wear a suit and tie for my mugshot. I would have looked a lot better.”

He also wasn’t happy with the CNN crew that got exclusive video of his arrest.

“It’s a raw abuse of power. The fact that a CNN reporter was allowed to film my arrest when the street was sealed off and the fact that the CNN producer in question is a former assistant to James Comey at the FBI and formerly worked for the FBI, his claim that he just had a hunch is just not credible.”

Sunday, Stone was asked about whether he’ll cooperate with the Special Counsel.

“That is something I will determine with my attorneys. If there was other wrongdoing in the campaign by others, I would have to discuss that with my lawyer. I spoke with Trump on the phone in a political basis but there was no collusion,” Stone told CBS News.

Stone is charged with seven counts of obstruction, false statements, and witness tampering.

Stone is the sixth associate of President Trump to be charged during the 2016 election Russian interference investigation.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio gave his take on the Mueller investigation to CNN Sunday morning.

“The Russia probe should continue. It should be allowed to reach its conclusion. We should all reserve judgement, no matter what little bits and pieces are coming out until the entire thing has been presented and we can analyze it in its entirety,” Rubio said.

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Stone told CBS Miami, he will enter a not guilty plea.