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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Former US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida Guy Lewis offered his perspective on the Roger Stone indictment during an in-studio interview in Miami Friday afternoon.

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Q. Why bring out the FBI, the SWAT team so early in the morning to arrest Roger Stone?

Clearly, the FBI is sending a message. Special counsel Bob Mueller is clearly sending a message.
Roger Stone knew this was coming. He had announced months ago he was going to get indicted. Everybody knew it. He probably was not a risk of flight or a danger to the community.

Make no mistake, Mueller wants to send a message, ‘If you are going to fight us, if you are not going to cooperate, then we are coming after you.’

The same thing he did for Paul Manafort and the same thing he did for Michael Cohen.

Q. So the net is closing in on Trump’s orbit? What is Robert Mueller’s strategy if you’re the special counsel? What would your strategy be in terms of getting information out of Stone?

There are two ways to look at this.
One, the net is closing in and that they are charging people closer and closer to President Donald Trump and they’re trying to get one or more of these people to flip and to provide evidence against Trump.

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It hasn’t worked so far with Manafort, it hasn’t worked with Stone.

It might have worked with Cohen. We know through his lawyer, that he is cooperating.

Trump has to look at this and be somewhat nervous.

Q. So why not go after the Roger Stone on more serious charges?

I think the real answer is he (Bob Mueller) didn’t have the evidence.

You got to believe that if he had the evidence, he would have pulled it out.

He would have charged him. He has charged Manafort several times. He has charged Russian intelligence officers. He has charged others. He is not shy about charging defendants.

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I don’t think he can prove the case, yet.