The 2019 Golden Globes aired last night and Entertainment Tonight‘s Nancy O’Dell was right in the thick of things covering everything from the red carpet to the post-show.

CBS Local’s Matt Weiss spoke to O’Dell earlier today to get her favorite looks, biggest surprises and most memorable moments from the night that was.

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MW- Good morning Nancy!

NO- Good morning!

MW- Thank you for taking the time to talk to me this morning I’m sure last night was a long one for you.

NO- It was but it was a lot of fun!

MW- Good, that makes the lack of sleep all worth it then. So I want to start at the beginning of the night with the red carpet, whose outfit stole the pre-show for you?

NO- Definitely Lady Gaga, it was just so beautiful. It was so gorgeous and dramatic just like Lady Gaga is. She said she did’t know she was channeling a Judy Garland look so I showed her a picture and she was wearing this lilac dress designed by Valentino of Couture and it had that billowing off the shoulder sleeve, the long train and she accessorized with the gorgeous black diamond necklace and earrings. She had that beautiful grey-ish eye shadow, the platinum blue hair swept into an elegant updo. It looked like she was channeling Judy Garland but she didn’t even realize.

Once I showed her the picture she said she didn’t mean to but it did look an awful lot like it! It was a Valentino custom creation for her but all she needed was the gloves to really pull off the Judy Garland look, she said that made her night to learn she looked like Judy Garland.

MW- No real surprise I guess that Lady Gaga stole the show with her fashion…

NO- No surprise there at all, for sure [laughs].

MW- Now once the show began we had Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh serving as co-hosts. What did you think of the job those two did?

NO- I liked their hosting job! I’ve interviewed both of them so many times that I’m used to their really dry sense of humor. It’s different than other comedians who won’t give you dry jokes. I know their delivery is very dry in the way that they do it. I really enjoyed it, even though I know they got some criticism, but I liked the way they did it because that’s just how they deliver their jokes. I thought it was fun and entertaining.

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There were some very special moments like when Sandra Oh called out her parents and you could see how proud they were of here. Then Andy, I just think he can’t get any cuter, he’s adorable. He seems to radiate warmth to me.

MW- I thought they did a good job and kept things really warm and upbeat. There were the serious moments of course but in general people want to be happy and entertained and they did a good job of keeping things light and moving.

NO- I thought so too. I thought they kept it very fitting with what the show is. They kept things moving and did the job they were supposed to do. There were those serious times but then kept it light for most of it.

MW- What was your biggest surprise to come out of last night? Were there any winners that caught you off guard?

NO- I thought everybody who won was very deserving but a lot of them were unexpected just because I thought others had been talked about more. Bohemian Rhapsody was very deserving of its win, it’s just we had heard so much more about A Star Is Born. Rami Malek, we had heard a lot about his amazing performance so it wasn’t a surprise he walked away with his award for “Best Actor,” but the movie walking away with it was a surprise just because we had heard so much about some of the other movies. Again it was very deserving of the win but just a bit of a surprise.

Julia Roberts not walking away with a win was a surprise because the Hollywood Foreign Press loves a real movie star and this was her first small screen lead role in Homecoming. A Star Is Born, there was a big campaign for Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga so for it to just walk away with the “Best Song” win was a bit of a surprise. Again, it wasn’t the ones who won because everyone was so deserving but it was the ones that were talked about so much and didn’t win that were more surprising.

MW- And what do you take away as your most memorable moments from the evening?

NO- I have to say the interview with Lady Gaga on the red carpet was a lot of fun. She told me about the first time she met Bradley Cooper and how he came over to her house and she cooked him spaghetti and meatballs and they just had this really cool chemistry immediately. She told me what an honor it was for her and how much it meant to be the lead actress in Bradley’s directorial debut. She just gushed over him as a director but also as a really good human being and how they became such good friends.

Also the interview backstage with Michael Douglas after his win because I think that was a little bit of a surprise too. I was so glad to see him walk away with a win because he’s such a Hollywood icon. He’s such a fun interview backstage and I think he was just genuinely surprised he won. He was joking around that he was so honored to be given the opportunity by Chuck Lorre to do a show where old people are funny. you just don’t think of Michael Douglas as old, he’s always doing something. I mean he was just in Spider-man! Come on!

There are people I was interviewing 29 years ago when I started this job and they’re still winning awards after all this time and those are the moments I will remember.

MW- Sounds like it was a really great night and you’re done with me now for today so I hope you can go catch up on some sleep!

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NO- I’m going to try, I don’t know when but I’m going to try! Always good to talk to you, have a good one!