By Lauren Pastrana

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The Christmas cheer has barely worn off but already people are preparing to send back some of what Santa sent them.

Today, December 26th, is expected to be one of the top five busiest shopping days of the year because of returns.

But rather than returning unwanted items, how about re-gifting?

It happens more than you think.

Today’s “Lauren’s List” has some questions you should ask yourself to make sure you’re re-gifting the right way.

Does it make sense?
Sure, maybe you don’t have a use for a plush throw blanket or a basket of scented soap, but perhaps you have a friend who loves those things. If you plan to re-gift, make sure the gift makes sense for the intended recipient. As a general rule of thumb, only re-gift an item if it’s something you would have gone to the store and purchased for that person.

Was it personalized?
Obviously, if something has your name or monogram on it, that’s not good for re-gifting. But even if the personalization isn’t quite so blatant, you might want to avoid re-gifting something that caters to your specific interests or hobbies, as that could be a dead giveaway that it was really intended for you.

How old is it?
Some gifts are evergreen, like candles or a really good bottle of wine that just gets better with age. But when it comes to clothes, or books, or music, don’t wait too long to re-gift them as trends will change. Also, maybe that person wants to return what you re-gifted them. If you wait too long to give it, then that puts them well outside any sort of return window.

Who gave it to you?
It goes without saying, you should not re-gift something to the same person who gave it to you in the first place! You should also consider whether the gift came from a special someone, perhaps a loved one you don’t see often or maybe a child. Don’t re-gift those. While the gift may not be perfect, it might make that person’s day to see you using what they gave you. Sometimes, you just have to keep the gift to keep the peace.

Do you re-gift?

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