It’s Halloween and the perfect show to check out tonight is CBS All Access’s new thriller “Tell Me A Story.”

Created by Kevin Williamson, the show re-imagines classic childhood fairy tales like The Three Little Pigs and Hansel & Gretel in a dark and twisted way.

Davi Santos stopped by the CBS Local Studios to share why viewers should tune into the first episode, which is already available to stream.

“I have a feeling that people won’t be able to stop thinking about the program,” said Santos. “Every time I read an episode, I was left with this thirst for knowing what was going to happen. There are so many twists and turns.”

While Santos has played a lot interesting characters in his career, the role of Gabe is one of the most complicated he’s played because of his layers.

“There’s a lot with his principles and his values,” said Santos. “He has a lot of demons to overcome in himself and with his sister. At the end of the day, he is trying to deal with a lot of things for himself and the person that loves him.”

The show also features stars such as Kim Cattrall and James Wolk. Santos spends the majority of his time on screen with Dania Ramirez and the experience has been of his favorites so far in his career.

“We have three different storylines and sometimes they intersect. Sometimes you are together and then all of the sudden, you are apart,” said Santos. “I’m usually just working with Dania and she is an extraordinary actor to work with. I really lucked out.”

Stream “Tell Me A Story” now on CBS All-Access.