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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – With flu season upon us, washing our hands should be top of mind.

Many of us wash them multiple times a day. But despite our best efforts to be squeaky clean, we could be hiding dirty little secrets.

Today’s “Lauren’s List” breaks down the everyday items we don’t wash nearly enough and why we need to get scrubbing!

Cleaning Supplies
Yes, you actually need to clean your cleaning supplies. This includes mops, brooms, toilet brushes, and dishcloths. Otherwise, these items may just spread more germs rather than clean them up. Use soap and hot water on your dishcloths daily and then toss them in the washing machine at least once a week for extra sanitizing

Make-up brushes
Trust me, I go through lots of make-up. But not all of it is on my face. So much of the product stays on the brushes and sponges we use to apply makeup, and that’s a breeding ground for bacteria that could cause skin irritation, breakouts or infections. I try to wash my brushes every couple weeks, but with how often I use them, I really should be washing them weekly, or maybe even after each use. There are all kinds of brush cleansers out there, but good ole baby shampoo and water can work, too.

Steering wheels
I hate to break it to you, but your car steering wheel is dirtier than a public toilet. That’s what researchers from Queen Mary University in London found in one study. You wouldn’t rub your hands all over a public toilet, but you do this to your steering wheel. Yuck! Toss some cleaning wipes in your glove box and wipe down the wheel, and the rest of the stuff your hands touch in your car while you’re at it.

Remote controls
Researchers have found that remote controls harbored more germs than many other common items… in hospital rooms! That’s how gross they can get if you don’t wipe them down periodically. Nothing fancy, and it doesn’t take long… just use an antibacterial wipe once a month to keep the ick-factor at bay.

Do you clean these items often?

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