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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Neighbors, everybody has them.

Some live close, others live down the road.

Since we live in South Florida, we find most of them annoying, according to, a home improvement project website.

In a recent study, they 2,500 people living in two dozen cities around the U.S. to find out how Americans feel about their neighbors. When it came to Miami, we said our neighbors drive us crazy. That’s how the Magic City ended up as number 2 on the list of Most Annoying Neighbors in the US. Just thank goodness you don’t live in Dallas, they were number 1 on the list. Austin, Texas was number 3, Philadelphia was number 4, and Los Angeles rounded out the top 5.

The cities with the least annoying neighbors turned out to be Minneapolis, Portland, Atlanta, and Seattle.

Interestingly, climate may play a role—four of the five most annoying cities are in hot, southern climates and four of the five least annoying cities are in temperate climates further north.

When asked about what specifically about our neighbors annoys us, Miami ranked 2nd worst for loud music by neighbors. Houston was the absolute worst when it came to loud music.

Other annoyances included loud parties (Los Angeles was number 1), aggressive dogs (Austin), loud sex (Minneapolis), and general grumpiness (Detroit).

While 54 percent of Americans said they have confronted a nuisance neighbor, Miami ranked as the 5th most confrontational city in the US. For those who have, face-to-face is the preferred method, followed by a full-blown escalation in calling the police.

As for the cities where people are most likely to confront an annoying neighbor, San Antonio, San Diego, and Houston top the list.