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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A group of Miami-Dade police officers has formed, what they call, their own disaster relief team.

On Tuesday, they headed out to provide much-needed relief in the Panhandle.

Plywood might not be what you think of when it comes to police work, but for those on the team, hammers replaced handcuffs and Tasers were switched out for two-by-fours in an effort to help fellow law enforcement officers affected by Hurricane Michael.

“When they hit those streets they don’t go home. They don’t have the opportunity to take care of their own business or their own home,” said Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez.

More than two dozen Miami-Dade police officers rolled out Tuesday morning to roll up their sleeves in Bay County. They plan to work on repairing the homes of 50 different officers.

“As Americans, we rise up to the occasion. We come together. You know, we dust ourselves off and get to work,” said Perez.

GALLERY: Damaged Caused By Hurricane Michael In Florida Panhandle

With all of the destruction and damage, they are prepared for some big jobs, from cutting up trees and clearing debris to patching leaky roofs.

They say this will give those officers time to focus on their continued rescue and recovery missions, while now having a little more peace of mind for their own homes.

“A lot of those folks are in crisis still, emotionally, and by seeing the outpouring of support, it gives them a lift and it gives them a glimpse of hope,” said Perez.

Many of the supplies and equipment are part of a donation from the Police Officer Assistance Trust which helps officers in need.

The goal of the team is to have repairs completed on all 50 homes in a week.