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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – On Friday evening, Miami Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 2 found a dead person in Mexico Beach and they were looking to see if there was a second.

The body was found between three homes. They continue to search for victims.

“I’ve been informed that the remains of the person was in a debris field. The residence was a distance away from the debris field,” said Mexico police chief Anthony Kelly.

Search and rescue crews from South Florida have been very busy in Mexico Beach in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.

Miami Urban Search and Rescue teams have been going door to door looking for anyone who may have stayed behind, anyone who is injured or who may have died.

They have been digging through rubble looking for victims of the storm. In some cases, they broke down doors looking for victims.

Dan and Judy Krupp stayed behind in their second-floor condo, thinking they were high enough. They regret that decision.

“The water was up to our door and this building was banging into our condominium, it was rattling and the whole building was shaking and the roof was coming off and the water was coming in from the roof,” Dan Krupp said.

Krupp said the surge was 15 feet deep.

Scott Boswell made it back to his place near the beach. It was devastating.

Most of his belongings are gone. He was surprised when he realized other people’s things were in his living room.

This chair and that recliner are not yours? “No. It came thru the door from somebody else’s home,” Boswell said.


They all agree it will be many years before things get back to normal.

The storm moved another neighbor’s clear across the street.

Residents returning to their homes are finding complete devastation.

Hurricane Michael slammed the area Wednesday at about 1:40 p.m., with powerful 155 mph winds.

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  1. Jim Smith says:

    Who pays for this task force to be there? Who pays when FPL visits another state? How do these people get their money to survive up there and how do these power companies get paid when they help other states?