Another week, another rainy challenge, another Survivor elimination. This week saw Jeremy Crawford’s torch extinguished as the Goliath Tribe was forced to part ways with a member for the firs time.

CBS Local’s Matt Weiss spoke to Jeremy about all the rain the castaways dealt with, the group’s camaraderie and dancing to Destiny’s Child.

MW- Hey Jeremy, how’s it going?

JC- I’m doing good, how are you?

MW- Doing fine on this Thursday morning. Now, you were a super fan before you ever got on the island so you’ve seen how the game is played. Did you have a strategy of being as involved as it appeared you were on TV or was that a bi-product of how the game was going?

JC- Well, what do you mean by being involved?

MW- It seemed like you were often in the middle of things, not in a negative way, but just that your presence was felt. Did you have that mindset or do you believe you slow played it more than maybe it appeared?

JC- I think everyone wants to go in slow playing it. I don’t think I was overly involved, I was very funny. People like to be around me because I can make them laugh. A lot of what you see, me strategizing and stuff like that was the last 30 minutes before tribal.

For nine days it was just having fun. I wouldn’t say there was any central person that was in the Goliath Tribe.

MW- Fair enough, fair enough. There was a moment though where you called everyone together in the tribe and suggested that everyone stopped strategizing off on their own in little groups. What was the endgame for that conversation? Did you genuinely believe it was for the best or was that some strategy on your part?

JC- It was definitely to get people to stop doing it. The girls, Angelina, Alison and Natalia were all strategy from day one, they could go really overboard if you allowed them and it would make things a little bit more tense than it needed to be. When I did that speech, that was on day six and we knew we weren’t going to tribal until at least day nine.

On TV everything runs together, but after that speech we went to the beach, I did a whole “Survivor” routine from Destiny’s Child, we went fishing – we really had an amazing two days. So it didn’t have an effect, in my opinion, as much as it seems watching it back on getting pushed out.

MW- Is that something you noticed that the experience of being on the island appears a lot different from watching it back on television?

JC- No, but what you do miss is some of the camaraderie that’s hard to capture on film. You miss how much we all got along and how fun it was.

MW- What was your impression of actually being on the island compared to what you thought it would be?

JC- The island was ten times worse than I ever thought it would be because you can’t even see the amount of rain watching the show. It rained – and I literally didn’t sleep. It’s funny because me and Natalie, you saw us fighting, but me and Natalie would sit up by the fire all night talking. It was difficult but I tell you this – you will rise to the occasion. That’s something I didn’t know, I didn’t know I’d be able to rise to the occasion with the nature situation, but you do.

MW- Is it something you’d do again if given the chance?

JC- Yes. I don’t feel like I got to do it fully this time. So yes, given the chance I would. I can’t imagine two or three cyclones coming through at the same time again [laughs].

MW- I’d certainly hope not! Well thank you very Jeremy, it’s been great catching up with you and hope we get to see you again soon!

JC- Thank you!

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