By David Sutta

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – North Miami police arrested an elementary teacher Wednesday night, charging him attempted murder.

The teacher is accused of shooting a teenager outside his home.

At first, the incident seemed to be a stand your ground case, but after interviewing witnesses’ detectives say that’s not the case.

Frantz Noel came to his home off Northwest 121st Street in North Miami around lunchtime.

He heard noise in the backyard, immediately reaching for his gun.

Officer Natalie Buissereth with North Miami Police say Noel then made the first of many bad decisions.

“He called a friend and said meet me here. So once his friend arrived he decided to take matters into his own hands and confronted the two kids,” Buisserth said.

Noel confronted two teenagers in his neighbor’s yard, a vacant home for sale.

“He had one of the kids call their parents. And the mom, or one of the parents, said that they heard what was being said to him,” Buissereth said.

According to police, Noel got angry and things escalated.

“He accused them of stealing his bicycle and that’s when the confrontation ensued. And then from there he shot one of the children,” Buissereth explained.

One of the teenagers was shot in his chest and was rushed to Jackson Memorial for surgery.

Noel was grilled by detectives over what happened.

At first the case appeared to be possibly a stand your ground case.

However, once details emerged that Noel crossed over into his neighbor’s yard to confront the teens, ordered the kids to call their parents, and called a friend instead of police, detectives became suspicious.

“It’s not a case of stand your ground. He had many opportunities to contact police and unfortunately he chose to take matters into his own hands,” Buissereth said.

Noel, a teacher at Van E. Blanton Elementary School, is now in jail facing a number of charges, including attempted murder, aggravated assault, and attempted burglary.

“If you hear something, you see something, that’s suspicious we ask that you don’t take matters into your own hands. Contact us. Call the police. And this was where the mistake was. He should have contacted us. He had many opportunities to but chose to do it himself and this is what we have here tonight,” Buissereth said.

North Miami Police are not charging the teenagers with anything.

The young man shot in the chest at last update was coming out of surgery.