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Miami (CBSMiami) — People who knew a local panhandler who police said was beaten to death by a fitness model back in June, are reacting to this senseless crime. They said he didn’t deserve to die.

Pedro Cruz died after police said Hivo Gonzalez, 32, an avid boater and fitness model, beat him with a bat after an verbal altercation at a gas station.

Jimmie Warren, who has lived near Northwest 79th Street for nearly 22 years, said Cruz never bothered anyone.

“We hated what happened to him. That wasn’t right,” Warren said.

Surveillance video showed the two men exchange words as Gonzalez filled up his gas tank with boat in tow. Seconds into the video, you see Gonzalez run after Cruz with a bat.

According to police, Gonzalez hit him twice and left. Cruz was taken to a local hospital where he died a few days later.

The news hit Warren hard.

“He might ask for a quarter, nickel or dime or something like that, but it wasn’t worth what he got,” he said. “I was hurt to know that he died. It wasn’t right.”

Police said Gonzalez did not return to the scene nor render aid to Cruz. He is charged with second degree murder.

Comments (2)
  1. Shame! on CBS Miami for such disrespect calling Perdo Cruz a pan handler in the title and the very start of the video don’t call the man a damn pan handler how you like it if I call you a piece of trash lying news crew station worker when you get beaten to death with a bat I never seen such disrespect and rudeness to some one that died in my life and that man knew nothing of perdo he was no pan handler and this whole thing is a news station that was to lazy to even look up who he actual was and to talk to one of the many family he has in Florida not even trying to call his 2 children and wife or his 7 sisters shame on you cbs and youre lazy half baked lies that is this stations so called news

  2. Brent Emory says:

    two lives are snuffed in an instant