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PARKLAND (CBSMiami) – At a planning and zoning meeting at Parkland City Hall, plans were laid out for a new charter school that could be the answer to parents’ modern-day worries about school security.

It would have security features unlike no other in Florida, according to the attorney representing the developer.

“We think this is the school of today and the future. In the future obviously, more changes will come. There’ll be additional improvements but when this school is built, it will have the most advanced security features of any school in the state of Florida,” said attorney Mike Moskowitz.

Somerset Academy Parkland would feature a double fence with an 8-foot nonscalable wall, steel rods to keep cars from ramming in, bullet-resistant doors and glass, a single point of entry into the school and gates that lock electronically during non-drop off times.

And if someone has to go inside the school during non-drop off times, there are a number of security measures in place to allow them in.

“You have to go up to a gate. At that gate, there’ll be a license plate reader. There’s also a call box so you have to call in at the gate and give your information. Your license plate will be checked out. Your information will be checked out,” Moskowitz added.

Once inside the school, visitors enter into a 10 by 12-foot reception area surrounded by bullet-resistant glass, still unable to gain access into the building.

“Let’s assume you have an appointment to meet with a guidance counselor, principal, assistant principal, you get passed through a bullet-resistant metal door into the office area where you would have your meeting, etc. You’re still not in the school building where the classrooms are,” Moskowitz said.\

The zoning and planning department’s advisory vote is expected to be presented before city commissioners next month. City commissioners are expected to decide whether the project proceeds.


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