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OKEECHOBEE (CBSMiami) – When shopping at a Home Depot you can end up leaving with just about anything.

One thing that nobody expects to leave with are monkey bites.

Last weekend in Okeechobee, a woman decided to bring her pet spider monkey along for a trip to Home Depot.

The woman then left the monkey inside her truck, on a leash, while she went inside to shop.

That’s when the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office says the monkey managed to escape the vehicle and began walking through the parking lot.

A Home Depot employee noticed the monkey and took hold of its leash, not wanting it to get hurt.

The employee says the monkey then climbed on her back and bit her twice.

It bit her again when the store’s sliding glass doors opened as the employee was trying to locate its owner.

The monkey also scratched the employee on the side of her face.

The case was turned over to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and it’s unknown if any action was taken against the owner of the monkey or the monkey itself.

The employee refused medical attention on the scene but told police that she would go on her own to the hospital to be checked out.

Comments (7)
  1. Would let the foul beast run amuck personally.

  2. Gary Griffin says:

    By the time this runs its course, someone will get fired for racism

    1. It sounded more like the Mooche was loose and bit the lady.

  3. So maybe they will take a second look at allowing pets in the store! Should not allow that…what if a pet is a horse or snake??keep them home

  4. I once took my dog into a Lowe’s and it did a huge pile. I felt bad.

    1. LOL … A scruffy looking guy with a leashed goat entered a convenience store in Abilene last week as I was waiting to pay for gas. The goat decided to unload and the guy eased out the door. The cashiers were not amused when I showed them the mess of goat pills the goat left on the floor for them to clean up.