By Eliott Rodriguez

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Many of us do it at the grocery store.  We choose convenience over price. Ready to eat, ready to cook and we buy brand names when we could buy store brands.

Lots of people make mistakes when they go shopping because supermarkets entice shoppers with products that are more convenient, but also more expensive.

Personal finance expert Shani Curry St. Vil met CBS4’s Eliott Rodriguez at Whole Foods to give tips on how to save at any supermarket.

“In season, local can’t beat it,” St. Vil explained. “You have to shop on a full stomach or else you buy things you don’t need.”

Shani agrees with a recent Money Magazine report that found six things not to buy at the supermarket.

First, pre-cut produce. It looks simple and inviting but you are paying extra.

“Get yourself a grapefruit and orange and slice it and dice it yourself,” said St. Vil.

Stay away from prepackaged snacks.

“Get some Ziploc bags and package them yourself just the convenience you’ll spend some cash.”

This one may be surprising but frozen rice.

“You save money by cooking your own rice as opposed to buying frozen rice,” she said.

Cooked chicken is another one.

food1 Six Items You Shouldnt Buy At A Supermarket


If you buy stuff that has been pre-done, it is always going to cost more money.

Number five on the list is housewares.

“You’re going to spend 35 to 40 percent more so I ask you to go to a store that actually sells housewares as opposed to buying it in a grocery store,” said St. Vil.

Finally, diapers.

“You don’t want to buy this in the grocery store, by online and save.”


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