By Lauren Pastrana

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Summer is just around the corner and if your plans include a trip abroad, you may want to do some research.

Sure, you’ll want to look up the best flights and hotels, and even the hottest restaurants and attractions, but you should also do your homework to avoid making some common mistakes Americans make overseas.

Today’s “Lauren’s List” has a breakdown of the four faux pas we are most guilty of.

Not Following The Dress Code
You may want to wear that cute outfit in a temple for the ‘gram, but unless you cover up, you’re not getting inside. Getting upset about it when you’re turned away or told to put on a jacket or pants isn’t cool either. It’s important to be respectful of the religion and cultural practices of the country you are visiting.

Asking People What The Do For A Living
In the U.S., it’s almost second nature to ask what someone does for work within the first few seconds of meeting them. But that’s considered rude in other parts of the world. Instead, if you’re looking for conversation starters, ask to know more about the history of the place you’re visiting or maybe what the person you’re talking to likes to do for fun.

Not Knowing Exchange Rates
This mistake could cost you money. If you travel abroad with only U.S. Dollars and have to exchange your currency in another country, it may be more expensive. And if you pay with a credit card without checking what the international transaction fee is, you might be in for a pricey surprise upon your return.

Asking For Separate Checks
We do it in the states all the time and restaurants here probably aren’t crazy about it either. But overseas, it’s certainly frowned upon, especially in places like London, Singapore, and India. With payment apps these days, you’re better off having one person pay the bill and then reimbursing via the app.

Are you planning any international trips? Are you guilty of any of these mistakes?

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