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Dr. Lisa Grunebaum is a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon at University of Miami Health System. She practices at Sayfie Pavilion on the UHealth medical campus in Miami. To make an appointment, call 305-243-FACE. Click here for more about facial plastic and reconstructive surgery on the University of Miami’s health news blog.


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Nancy Boggio, 71, is a real estate broker and sculptor embracing this later phase of her life. “I raised four children and I have seven grandchildren,” says Nancy. “Now it’s freedom time.”

To ensure her youthful spirit is reflected in her appearance, Nancy works with Dr. Lisa Grunebaum, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon at UHealth, University of Miami Health System. At UHealth, all surgeons in this field are board-certified experts who also conduct research and teach.

A member of the University of Miami faculty for 13 years, Dr. Grunebaum splits her time between cosmetic procedures and reconstructive work on patients with deep tumors of the face or those who are recovering from skin cancer. “I enjoy the time I get to spend with patients on the reconstructive and the cosmetic side,” says Dr. Grunebaum. “There’s a large part of counseling that goes along with both.”

For Nancy, small “tweaks” over time have helped her feel like her best self. This “inside out” approach, beginning with skin care and working up to larger procedures, is how Dr. Grunebaum likes to approach cosmetic changes with her patients.

“I always strive to look good,” says Nancy. “You want to glow when you meet people, you don’t want to look haggard.” Nancy says Dr. Grunebaum puts patients at ease and encourages them to bring friends along for more minor procedures. “It’s always a party. You feel like she’s a very dear friend of yours from the get-go.”

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When searching for the right cosmetic surgeon, a personal recommendation is always the best, says Dr. Grunebaum. She suggests starting with consultation. “The best doctors will give you their ideas and then give you time to think about it.”

Risks are inevitable with any kind of surgery, and one of many benefits of being treated at University of Miami Health System is that 24/7 emergency medical service is available should a patient need special care during or after a procedure.

Dr. Grunebaum stresses the importance of finding a physician who is board-certified and who has performed the procedure many times. Most important, “Choose someone you feel comfortable talking to,” she says. “Choose someone you trust.”


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