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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A mega mall and entertainment complex in Northwest Miami-Dade that would dwarf any other appears to be on course for approval, but not without controversy.

It’s called the American Dream.

It would be the largest mall in the world.

A shopping and entertainment complex slated to go up on vacant land south of where the Florida Turnpike and I-75 meet near Broward County.

“We are not a run-of-the-mill mall,” said attorney Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, who represents the developers of the mall project. “We’re a family destination. We’re an entertainment complex. We’re a job-creating vehicle for Miami-Dade County.”

Developers say the retail shops, indoor pool and beach, waterslides and ski slopes would hire 14,000 people.

“We fully want to see this happen,” said Miami-Dade resident Ken Forrest. “Because it helps to improve the overall tourism industry.”

A local mother told the planning board the American Dream would save a drive to Disney World in Orlando, some three-plus hours away from Miami-Dade.

“As a mother of four small children, I’m very excited about the prospect of having a theme park for them,” said Homestead resident and mother Summer Davis.

The developers promised to pay for road improvements and expand transit to help counter the hundred thousand cars a day the complex would bring.

Unconvinced, Broward County is threatening a lawsuit.

“We are in trouble with the road,” said Broward resident Susan Caruso. “They are finite. You can’t keep building them.”

Environmentalists say the renderings, while pretty to look at, could have ugly results for the Earth. From harming wetlands to damaging the water supply, they call it the ‘American Nightmare’.

“This is a gigantic project,” said environmentalist Matthew Schwartz. “It will impact a region that is already reeling under environmental problems.”

That not withstanding, the American Dream project sailed through the planning board with only one ‘no’ vote.

Miami-Dade Commissioners are fully expected to give final approval to the mother of all malls next Thursday.

It could still face obstacles though, including possible challenges in court.

Comments (18)
  1. jay10940 says:

    Anybody who stands in the way of this development has a mental issue or is simply looking for hush money.

  2. Great/another place to get mugged!!

  3. Dia Perry says:

    Just another reason to LOVE Miami!! Hope it happens soon

  4. Just what South Florida needs, another shopping mall.

  5. Gregory McCarty says:

    Nothing against shopping malls, but scale can complicate things. We tried this with the Mall of America. In less than three years Minneapolis street gangs turned the place into their own personal fiefdom. Muggings of families and patrons became weekly occurrences. Then unscrupulous parent/s began dumping their kids in there at dawn and left them there until late afternoon while going God knows where. They ran amok like cattle. Patronage fled. The operation had to do something to prevent collapse. A virtual in house armed paramilitary force had to be hired to cover the entire environment. It’s been so ever since. No minors on the grounds without parent and the first sign of gang activity is greeted with weapons and handcuffs. I’m warning Florida right now, you will experience something similar. Be prepared.

  6. Malls are dying out and closing all the time due to consumers shifting their spending online. Look at what happened to the American Dream (Xanadu Mall) in the meadowlands. The project went bankrupt before it even opened. If you want a theme park then just build a theme park without the shopping.

  7. Genius idea, another mall minutes away from sawgrass.

  8. Joseph Chiu says:

    It would be a great monument for the American lost civilization.

  9. The headine says Miami-Dade, but the address given in the article is over 250 miles from Miami-Dade.

  10. Miami has the great beaches, and many other nice things to do now. Fl is happening just do not live inland with the hicks.

    1. rc33 says:

      Yeah, stay near all the violent crime on the coast instead!

  11. South Florida always promises big, glitzy treasures. They always turn out to be just a run-down shell of what was promised, kind of like promising a gourmet meal and for $100 you get a corn dog. The big promises of Las Olas Riverfront? The tax-payer scam of the Marlins stadium? The list is too much to put here

  12. Anyone who builds a brick and mortar mall these days is an idiot. Malls are falling by the wayside because of online shopping.

    1. David Brier says:

      Yes. Because no one goes to Disney anymore now that they have online gaming,

  13. Horrible idea and many other commenters have given the reasons why e.g. malls collapsing nation wide, gangs taking them over etc…But…

    As a building contractor; It’s awesome for all the trades…The people with more money than brains need to separated from that money…Good luck to all

  14. Will breed a new species of Mall Rat.