By Marybel Rodriguez

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — We all know airport layovers can be tiring but there is a man who is changing that.

Ken Seifert is a U.S. diplomat and military spouse who has been traveling the world for the past 20 years. He spends countless hours at airports but is using it to his advantage.


“Because I work out a lot I look at airports as big gyms,” explains Ken Seifert.

Through our Moving U campaign, we meet this exercise guru at Miami International Airport as he was passing through and had a 2-hour layover. CBS4’s Marybel Rodriguez caught up with him at the airport to burn some calories.

Instead of reading, sitting, or eating Seifert says he prefers to squat, curl, and run while he waits.

Seifert has airport exercise down to a science and he even wrote a book about it called “The Complete Guide To Airport Exercise”.

Seifert says his number one tip for passengers; if you are carrying luggage, do so with a purpose.

“You can use your bag as weight, why not do bicep curls 10 to 15 minutes,” says Seifert.

This U.S. diplomat admits sometimes people do look at him funny but other times they ask to join in. He starts off by encouraging other waiting passengers to join in by using the seats as a bench and working out their triceps.

As the clock ticks and it is time to get to the gate, Seifert suggests taking the stairs instead of the escalator.

He also suggests why walk when you can run.

“Running is a great thing to do especially in airports like Miami where there are long corridors, it’s endless real estate for running,” says Seifert while he runs through MIA.

Once you get to your gate Seifert says allow yourself some time to tidy up.

He always has a change of clothes handy and a hygiene kit to freshen up before boarding.

What is keeping you happy and healthy? Let us know what is Moving U at for a chance to be featured!

Marybel Rodriguez

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