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NEW YORK (CBSMiami) – Some Facebook users are starting to see new messages on their news feed.

The social network began rolling out new information on Monday to help users manage their privacy.

There are two new links at the top of your Facebook feed.

One tells you if your digital data may have fallen into the hands of Cambridge Analytica.

That’s the political consulting firm that was able to harvest information from some 87 million Facebook users.

CNET Senior Editor Bridget Carey says another new link lets you manage apps that you logged into with your Facebook account.

“Facebook is showing that they are trying to make a lot of changes fast and trying to regain everyone’s trust,” said Carey.

In many cases these apps can read your online activity.  Now you can find out what information they’re sharing.

“Going forward, apps that connect with Facebook can no longer see things like your religious views, your political preferences, your relationship status,” Carey explained. “It can’t go really deep and even see the videos you like, or the fitness activity that you shared because of what you had on your fitness tracker.”

The changes come as CEO Mark Zuckerberg gets ready to testify before Congress on Tuesday.

“Advertisers are not going to be too happy with all these changes cause you and I may feel more protected with our information but a lot of groups have been dependent on going into Facebook and using all this data to hyper target you and what you’re interested in to send you ads,” Carey said.

Carey says the new steps may guard our data in the future but what we’ve done in the past on Facebook is already out there.

Not all Facebook users will see the changes at once.

The roll out will happen over time.


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