By Lisa Petrillo

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — In Acrimony, the thriller written and directed by Tyler Perry,  Taraji P. Henson is Melinda, a  faithful wife who becomes tired of standing by her devious husband and becomes enraged when it’s clear she’s been betrayed.

It’s love and fury, and it’s dangerous. Melinda is not one to be messed with. Henson told CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo she just went all out for this role.

“With a character like that you just have to be uninhibited. You just have to go for it. For me, I am an uninhibited actress but I can only do so if I feel safe and Tyler creates a very safe environment. He works at a lightning speed pace, but I feel safe and I trust him,” Henson said.

Henson told Petrillo she’s had those feelings that come from betrayal herself.

“Oh absolutely, I’ve had urges but I like freedom,” she said.

“Yeah, you’re not going to go to jail,” said Petrillo laughing.

“The thing is I’m not going to give a human that much power to control my state of mind. If something feels wonky and I can’t trust you,  I walk away and my cut off game is strong,” she said.

Taraji and Tyler go way back. He first directed her in 2009 and the two obviously clicked personally and professionally.

“I love working with her. She’s incredible and professional. Other people were good, but a handful of drama on set. That’s not her. She’s amazing,” said Perry about his lead actress.

The film was shot in eight straight days. Both director and star are excited for its release. Petrillo asked if they both still get butterflies before opening day.

“Yeah for sure,” said Perry. “Always, I want to make sure audiences love it and this is very different for me. If they go in there looking for Madea, they’re going to be like what happened here? This is really different.”

“ I’m just really proud because I’ve never challenged myself like this and I guess what I’ve proven to myself is I work really well under pressure,” Taraji said.

Acrimony is rated R and in theaters now.

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