By Lauren Pastrana

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – At CBS4 we’re all about getting you moving.

A daily dose of physical activity is great for your overall health. But not all movements are created equal. Today’s “Lauren’s List” breaks down some of the exercises you can skip, according to Strength and Conditioning Specialist Anthony Yeung and MyFitnessPal.

Sit-Ups And Crunches
Many of us want toned abs, but at what cost? These exercises may be doing you more harm than good, say some fitness experts. You are putting your body in a strange position, pulling your neck forward, rounding your shoulders, flexing your spine and putting a lot of stress on your lower back. You can try planking instead to build up core strength.

Behind The Neck Presses
Some experts, like Yeung, say you should avoid anything where you pull or push from behind your neck, because of the strain on your shoulders. He encourages you to do lateral pulldowns, chin-ups, and pull-ups toward your collar bones.

This is billed as a great way strengthen your lower back, but Yeung says, not so fast. This type of exercise actually hyperextends your back and puts a lot of pressure on your lumbar spine.

Upright Row
Think of a rowing motion where your arms are in front of you and then you pull them in. Now do the same motion lifting from below. That’s an upright row, and some fitness freaks love them for building strong, wide shoulders, while others say they damage your shoulder joints and could cause rotator cuff injuries.

Of course, you know your body, its limits, and your fitness goals. Just be sure whatever exercise you’re doing is done correctly and safely.

Have you done any of these exercises?

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