By Peter D'Oench

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — It was a frightening morning for a South Florida family when a car slammed into their home.

It was a result of a two-vehicle crash that left their home in shambles and a child in the hospital.

The area where the little boy was sleeping in the home was peeled open by the crash.

The child and the driver of the car were both hospitalized.

The child’s father shared what happened with CBS4’s Peter D’Oench.

“I thought that something really bad happened,” said the boy’s father Carlos Gallardo. “He was probably injured on his back because he was not moving when we first got to him.”

He said he was horrified when he heard the sound of the car crashing into the bedroom where his 5-year-old son was sleeping.

“I heard a big crash, a big noise, we were thinking that it was outside on the street. We never knew it was inside the house,” said Gallardo. “At 5:15 in the morning, we hear a big crash. We went inside my son’s room and we saw he was pushed by the car all the way to the sofa.”

His father said the child was complaining about knee, shoulder and neck pains.

“At the beginning when we first heard the noise, he didn’t say anything but like half a second or two minutes later, a minute later he started screaming,” said Gallardo. “He starts complaining he could not open his eyes.”

The child is “okay” right now according to his father but remained in the hospital.

The crash happened near 56th Avenue by Lincoln Street.

Witnesses say they were driving down the street when another vehicle ran a stop sign hit them and then that car plowed into the home.

“The guy just took the stop sign. We tried to stop and the guy hit the house,” said Tony Felipe, a passenger in the van.

“The other driver missed the stop sign and I can do nothing when I see the other car,” said witness Camilo Landaeda. “It was inevitable, the crush.”

As for the home, the fire department has placed braces on the side of the duplex.


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