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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A freelance photographer was on his way to check out a crime scene Sunday morning when a bullet came crashing through his back window.

“It was (now) me having the wrong place, wrong time experience with bullets flying at me,” Raffio Storace.

Storace said he was checking a scene near NW 36th Avenue around three in the morning when he was caught in the middle of a shooting.

“I just heard boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, right next to me and the shock waves were just penetrating through my skull and all of a sudden there’s just glass fragments flying through my car, hitting the back of my head and my neck,” he said.

After looking at his car, he realized the bullet missed him by mere inches. He said he was driving 45 miles per hour when the bullet got lodged somewhere in his car.

“The bullet came right through my back window and it grazed along the headliner here and it looks like it got lodged in one of the support beams inside my car,” he said.

He said he checked for blood instead of panicking. His reaction came after 13 years of experience on the streets of Miami, interviewing people who had been shot, saying often times they don’t realize they’d been hit.

“I reached back and started feeling my neck and my head to see if there was any blood on me and I realized I was very lucky to not have been hit,” he said.

Storace said he then pulled into a gas station and called the police. On any other night, he would be outside the crime scene tape, but this night was unlike any other.

“If I was going any slower than I was going, it could’ve really well been a bullet in my head and I could’ve been dead on the scene there,” he said.

By CBS4’s Amber Diaz


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