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PARKLAND (CBSMiami) – You could see a heartfelt embrace as parents sent their kids back inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas for the first day back at school since the shooting.  It’s not easy.

When school let out there were a lot of very relieved parents. Hector Sanabria was thrilled to see his daughter Lorena.

“After that tragedy, after all that happens, it’s like bringing your kids to the first day of school, your hair is in your hands, that’s real emotions, just hoping they are safe coming back home,” said parent Hector Sanabria.

Lorena Sanabria was happy her parents were there to drop her off and were waiting for her when the final bell rang.

“They’ve been definitely my rock, my support,” said Lorena. “Their support, especially today, going back to where it happened, it was definitely helpful.”

It was not easy for any parent or student.

“We are strong. We’re trying to do our best. The best as we can to support the community, the kids, the teachers,” said the mother of one of the students Claudia Ortiz.

Claudia and Adrian Ortiz walked with their daughter Daniela, anxious about watching her leave, but they feel it’s time.

“We wanted to take the time to bring her today so she could feel the support. We’re with her, her classmate, teachers,” said Adrian Ortiz.

PHOTOS: Students Return To Stoneman Douglas High

Rocio Piedras’ son is 18-years-old. He didn’t want her to take him to school but she couldn’t bear letting him go alone. He didn’t know it, but she followed him.

“He drive his car. I drive behind him. I park my car two blocks away when I came to the school I want to cry,” said Piedras.

David Hogg has become the national face for Stoneman Douglas High School and an advocate for stricter gun laws.  Even he did not come alone. He walked side by side with his mom and sister.

“I feel just sick. Is it a normal day? Of course, it’s not a normal day. Kids were massacred here. My daughter lost four of her best friends. It’s not normal but we have to get through this. This is part of the healing process,” said Rebecca Boldrick, David Hogg’s mother.

Meadow Pollack was killed in the massacre. For her dad, today was tough as he watched her classmates go in.

“Every second of my life is difficult so coming here, this, it actually helps.  I like seeing the kids going to school, like seeing kids alive and moving on with their lives, getting back to learning,” said Meadow’s father Andrew Pollack.

Jamie Guttenberg was murdered there two weeks ago. Her dad was there too and it’s not easy.

“I’m sending my son back, as we’re talking. I’m watching his friends walk behind who are going back. My daughter’s not going back. That’s not something that’s easy to wake up to,” said Jamie’s father Fred Guttenberg.

While parents said it was difficult to drop their children off at school, some say they’re going to continue to do that at least for the rest of the week.

For those needing counseling, these are just some resources offered by Broward schools:


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