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POMPANO BEACH (CBSMiami) – At least 17 people are dead and at least 14 others injured, many of them treated at Broward Health North in Pompano Beach.

Miami Local News From CBS4

On a day the Parkland community witnessed one of  the worst mass shootings in Florida history, there is a story of courage and heroism about one man.

This story is unconfirmed by authorities, but it is one that is being shared my many.

A lot of students and parents are talking about one man, a football coach, who according to CBS4 News partner the Miami Herald, was also a security guard at the school.

That coach, identified by students and parents as Aaron Feis, may have acted as a human shield to protect some students.

As Cruz opened fire with an AR-15 rifle, Coach Feis, according to students, jumped in front of the bullets.

One of the fathers whose son is on the football team shared the story with other parents.

“The coach was also shot,” the father said. “He got shot by jumping on the guy, that’s what I heard.”

On Thursday morning, Broward Sheriff Scott Israel confirmed Feis was killed and described him as a person who was beloved in the school and community.

“I know Aaron Personally. I coached with him. My two boys played for him. I don’t know when Aaron’s funeral is, I don’t know how many adults are gonna go, but you’ll get 2,000 kids there. The kids in this community loved him, they adored him. He was one of the greatest people I knew. He was a phenomenal man,” he said. “I don’t know the specifics yet, but I can tell you what, when Aaron Feis died — when he was killed tragically, inhumanely — he did it protecting others you can guarantee that, because that’s who Aaron Feis was.”

According to the doctors, of the 17 shooting victims taken to the hospital, two died.

“Seventeen people were taken to the Broward Health hospitals,” said Dr. Evan Boyar, Chair and Medical Director of Broward Health North. “Of those, nine patients, including the suspected gunman Nikolas Cruz, were taken to Broward Health North in Pompano Beach. Seven were taken to Broward General and one to Coral Springs.

Cruz was seen being wheeled out of the hospital before being transported to BSO headquarters.

Doctors say this was the biggest mass casualty shooting they could remember and they were prepared for it.

“We routinely run drills or institution to be ready for instances like this so we have a process in place that gets initiated, so there’s calm, collected care that our patients receive,” Dr. Boyar said.

Comments (42)
  1. Ed Itori says:

    This is a horrible event, but not the worst in Florida history. Did we already forget Orlando?

  2. Good Man. Thanks . I am raising a granddaughter who is 11. She is already an expert with a 44 pistol and a 22 (my old Boy scout rifle) If she were armed and there this guy would not need a trial. Nevertheless, thank you for being the man of the hour. I know you think you were only doing what came naturally and maybe you were, but what comes naturally to you is exceptional for most. Thanks.

  3. Why was he not allowed to be armed?? You don’t stop a nutcase by taking a couple of bullets and dying.

  4. Mark David says:

    This is another fake shooting. If they get caught doing it, they simply call it a FEMA Drill. But if they don’t get caught, the main stream media pushes it like a real event, hoping for more gun control.
    Other notable “mass shooting” events were:
    Sandy Hook
    Orlando gay club
    Las Vegas

    All are designed to distract and manipulate the public. Recognize the pattern.

    1. Seriously dude??? They aren’t fake corpses. What about the people who lost loved ones?? Are you saying that they are acting? Go back and put on your tin foil hat.

  5. A GUN FREE ZONE or a FREE KILLING ZONE for the MENTALLY SICK who know they CAN’T BE STOPPED? Time to wake up and allow people to protect themselves.

  6. James Varney says:

    “Beloved coach dies and many students are killed because school district prevents him from being armed”.

    1. Glenn Foster says:

      They were busy colluding with Hillary

  7. Greater love hath no man………

  8. Joe Paoff says:

    A very brave man, The Government failed him by not allowing him” a school security guard” to be armed. What a different story if instead of jumping in the line of fire and dying he could have fired back. How many lives would have been saved? Talk about blood on a politicians hands, this is it. You can’t change the killer with a law against guns ,he already broke that law in a gun free zone,but you can stop him by having armed school security,along with teachers volunteering to be armed.

  9. Marshall, you have no right to keep that boy from justice!
    as long as I’m the law in Dodge he’s staying behind bars ’til he gets a fair trail,
    now go home and cool off and let the law take care of this.
    Were gonna get him …Marshall, don’t stand in our way!
    Can’t let you do it, now go home…all of you!

  10. A security guard that was unarmed. Guess he did all they allowed him to do, jump in front of a bullet. How brave and how sad. Perhaps the next person in that spot will be able to pull out a gun and stop the stupid coward before he can do any more damage.

  11. A human shield has a better chance of survival if he has a gun.

  12. How sad that teachers, and in this case, the coach were not armed. It takes a gun to stop a gunman. Fight fire with fire. Arm responsible adults in school and most of those crazies will steer clear since they are cowards, and if they do show up with a gun they will be met with equal treatment.

  13. Hold on a second…I thought the narrative was that this Cruz was a “white supremacist”….and he goes and kills a bunch of white people. Can’t pick and choose your facts here.

    1. As it turns out, the comment about this shooter being a white supremacist were fake news. Some crazy said he was a member but no one in the press verified before they published. The police just reported the claim was false. It didn’t seem to matter that only whites were shot either. Like the fake newsers didn’t even question the basic logic of the claim. They just published. The fake newsers have their dogma and they rigidly adhere to it.

  14. Steve Hansen says:

    Aaron Feis is a true American hero and deserves to be recognized as such. His actions define the word hero.

  15. elskid says:

    Shame he was not allowed to carry a weapon with which he could have STOPPED the killer.