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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — A Catholic school teacher was fired for marrying the love of her life – a woman.

Jocelyn Morffi was a first grade teacher at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School in Miami.  She has since been terminated.

“This weekend I married the love of my life and unfortunately I was terminated from my job as a result. In their eyes I’m not the right kind of Catholic for my choice in partner,” said Morffi in a Facebook post on Friday.

Jocelyn Morffi (Courtesy:

The school’s Principal Carlota Morales, who had not said an exact reason why they terminated Morffi, called it a “difficult and necessary decision” in a letter sent to parents of  the students who attend the school.

“Today a difficult and necessary decision has been made regarding Ms. Jocelyn Morffi, our first grade teacher. She is no longer teaching at our school.

Please know that your child(children)’s education is of the utmost concern for us and throughout the next days and weeks your child’s daily school routine will not be disrupted as Ms. Morffi’ s replacement will be selected very soon.”   

Parents who spoke to CBS4’s Silva Harapetian say they’re upset about the school’s decision.

“Completely outraged, distraught, disappointed that the school could and took the reaction and the course of action that they have in regards to Miss Morffi. She’s like the Mother Teresa of teachers. She’s been and has made such a big contribution to the school and investment. Our children adore her, so it’s unfortunate that they would do this to such a great teacher,” said parent Samantha Mills.

According to the Archdiocese, Morffi had taught at the school for more than 6 years.  They say she was let go because she broke the contract she signed when she first started with the archdiocese.

The Archdiocese would not say if Morffi had any previous disciplinary actions.

A spokesperson for the Archdiocese did release a statement saying,

“Every year teachers sign contracts. In the contract are policies, procedures, teaching and the traditions of the Catholic church. That contract was signed and broken by her. No other decision could be made but to terminate her.”

Back in 2013, Pope Francis spoke about his perspective on the gay community.

“If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge him,” said the pope.

Parents said they will continue to put pressure on the administration and the archdiocese to understand that the decision was unacceptable.

“We send our kids here because we want them to learn messages of love and I truly believe that Jesus’s message is about love, compassion and acceptance and this is the opposite and that’s very upsetting,” said parent Rochelle Martin.

Parents say that a number of teachers who attended the wedding were given a warning. When the principal was asked about that, she referred CBS4 News back to the archdiocese who could not confirm or deny it saying it’s a personnel matter.

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  1. If you join a group, and agree to abide by the rules of the group, why complain when you violate the rules of the group and then the group expels you?

    1. I agree with Jim Flowers Like a song I have heard, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” The Bible is pretty clear about same-sex marriages. It also tells us to judge not, lest you be judged. It’s a hard decision I’m sure for those in this situation. I also doubt there are 67% of Catholics who would approve of same-sex marriages.

  2. Mark Linder says:

    It say 26 comments. but displays only three.

  3. Mark Linder says:

    You claim 26 comments, but only display 3.

  4. Sam Lane says:

    Reading on the internet tha 67 percent of Catholics approve of same sex marriage. To you Catholics, is this true?

    1. 67% can agree with SSM all they want but it still does not make it ok. The Church has always taught that the definition of a marriage is a Sacramental union between a man and woman. Period. IF these parents are outraged, then it should be directed at the teacher who doesn’t follow the teachings of the Church.

  5. So sad really. It’s a shame that they took that position. Well, she’s better off finding another position in a school that won’t judge.

  6. I wonder if they allow people who eat port or shellfish to teach there.

    1. I thought you drank Port? Anyway, Tom they just don’t allow female teachers to work there if they enjoy going down on other women. Pretty simple to understand don’t ya think?

  7. The Pope is the absolute authority on such matters – for Catholics! And he says: “Who am I to judge”. Yet this local school is more of an authority to ” judge” I don’t think so and she should – MUST sue! What she did is legal – empowered by our highest Court. Therefore it is the school that is violating the law and the teacher’s rights. As for Catholic opinion; while since the Pope has spoken it doesn’t really matter, all surveys show a substantial majority agreed with the Court and
    believe one should have the right – the freedom, to marry the person they love – regardless of
    gender (So long as they don’t violate civil laws – against bigamy, etc., and the SCOTUS has

    1. Nicole Stacy says:

      Number 1, no he is not, Jesus is — see Matt. 19. Number 2, if you have not read the entire interview in context you probably shouldn’t be commenting about it (in fairness, the same could be said to the article writer).

    2. Dale Lacina says:

      Ever heard of the First Amendment and “free exercise clause”. The school can set their beliefs in religion that is not to be curtailed by the government. Ya know, separation of Church and State. I assume Joselyn as a teacher can read. If she read her contract before she SIGNED it she knew what the consequences of her decisions were.

  8. The Catholic Church is an abomination, like most religions they have preached hate and fear of fellow humans for 2,000 years. Tax exemptions should be taken away from all churches and selling god should be treated like other businesses. There is zero evidence of god, just like there is zero evidence that a bitcoin is valuable, selling god should be merely tolerated like other scams.

    1. Bill DeFalco says:

      There is proof of God all around you Michel – open your eyes and your heart –

  9. Nicole Stacy says:

    If you don’t uphold Church teaching in your public life, and violate your agreements, you’re not the Mother Teresa of anything — nor do you have a right to employment as a Catholic school teacher. In spite of the biased article, it sounds like this will be educational for some parents as well as students.

  10. What did she expect?
    This isn’t a “public” school, it is a school with a religious purpose. They are Catholic. If she wants to live in an anti-Catholic manner she can do that but she can’t teach kids how to be Catholic!
    They shouldn’t have to fire her. With a little respect for the organization she would resign!

  11. Rob Centros says:

    By in “their eyes,” she means God, the Saints and Angels and all those who understand what’s written in the Bible about sin.

  12. Joe Campbell says:

    Do priests bishop and cardinals sign contracts to boy sexually assault or harass?

  13. The Bible is plain, marriage is between one man and one woman. There are laws that go against the bible in civil law. but civil law does not make it right. same sex marriage as it is called is unatural.

    1. jtoose says:

      Try reading the bible sometime!!

  14. jtoose says:

    Hmmmm………but priests having sex with little boys is alright?

  15. The Church has a right to uphold it’s teachings, and people who disagree don’t have to be a part of it, but have no right to force people or the organization to accommodate what they view as a grave evil.

    To the haters — you’re right, same-sex attracted men have no business being priests, either, and any man who touches an underage boy should be in jail, but any priest who touches another man or woman that way has no business being a priest, period.

  16. Joe Smith says:

    Jocelyn Morffi got the job teaching because there was no competition. She did not have to compete for the job against open gays, retirees from the porn industry, convicted felons, pedos, and others out of compliance with Church doctrine.
    She likes the job because she is surrounded by Christians, upstanding people.

    If she had ever flown to Calcutta and said to Mother Teresa “I want to feed lepers. I am openly gay, here’s my female wife, and I want to be the face of the Sisters of Mercy” she would have gotten a swift boot out the door.

  17. Firing Jocelyn was wrong and blatant discrimination!